2013: “Beckett and the ‘State’ of Ireland” III will further expand issues concerning Beckett and Ireland. More to come….

“Beckett and the ‘State’ of Ireland” conference 2012 is a continuation from last year’s conference which is exploring the link between Samuel Beckett and his home country of Ireland.


Those who attend our conference will have the benefit of being in close proximity to the Samuel Beckett Summer School held at Trinity College Dublin the following. Attending the two in tandem will be a highly rewarding experience of a wide range of current Beckett topics mixed with already established and prominent scholarship. Please visit the Beckett Summer School website for more details. http://www.beckettsummerschool.com/

We would like to recognise the following for their gracious support:

UCD Humanities Institute of Ireland

As UCD is host to The Beckett Country Exhibit please see the digital edition of Eoin O’Brien’s landmark work at http://ivrla.ucd.ie/ivrla/collection?pid=ivrla10-:6352 We are working on the possibility of having the exhibit on display for the conference as well as possible performances/readings of various Beckett works.


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